The Glasstone Sound is the evolving of a preacher's love
of the bass guitar and the search for a heart-tugging sound.
We here at GS, are committed to a sound that compliments
the musical expressions of the church. Not a business, but a ministry to enhance and invoke the atmosphere of praise.
Although the GSJ-5 Series basses can be heard in almost
every musical genre, the worship setting is what motivated
the sound we sought to capture.

Here at GS, our goal is to providing a high quality instruments
at reasonable prices to professionals as well as budding musicians alike. The available options vary but are purposely limited in order to keep prices as consistent and low as
possible, passing the low cost to our customers.

Throughout the years, time, as well as, trial and error has
aided us in the selection of woods, electronics, finishes and construction to achieve the best possible tone our instruments
as well as bass cabinet enclosures can produce.

There are plenty of quality bass builders throughout the world
and we have benefited greatly by their products, notwithstanding, our intent is not to replace anyone, but only to provide bass
players with another option.  So if you are a bassist that's serious about your craft and is in search of a sound that "cuts through the mix" and room enhancing, why not consider a Glasstone, where the name is the tone!