The Glasstone Sound is the evolving result of a preacher's love of the bass and the search of a heart-tugging sound.  We here at GS, are committed to a sound that compliments the musical expressions of bassist in every genre of today's musical soundscape in pursuit of the perfect tone.

Over the years, a lot of time as, well as trial and error, has aided in the selection of woods, electronic components speaker selection, weight distribution and eye-catching finishes to achieve the best possible tone our bass enclosures can produce.

Additionally, the same investments were employed in the selection and designing of our bass guitars.

Here at GS, our goal is to provide high-quality bass enclosures and instruments at reasonable prices to professional and non-professional bassist alike. Various configurations are available as well as speaker options and finishes to suit the individual players' taste and needs.

So, if your a bassist that's serious about your craft and is in search of a tone that "cuts through the mix", or, an inspiring musician trying to unlock your playing potential, give our basses and cabinets a try.

Glasstone Musical Technologies "Where The Name Is Tone"!